Sunday, 1 May 2011

Fix Graphics Corruption in MS Live Messenger

I have recently had problems with graphics corruption within Live Messenger, the computer concerned is running Vista x86 and has SIS Mirage 3 graphics.

The solution I found is to disable graphic acceleration, but as usual microsoft make us jump through hoops for this. The procedure is found here:

Google does a fine job of translating it, however here is my version:

1: Start regedit by typing "regedit" in the start menu:

hit enter, and click continue on the warnings you receive.

2. Navigate to the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows Live \ UX \ HwBlockList \ 0 \ 0

this key contains details of incompatible video cards, cards that need graphic acceleration disabled. We are going to add our card to the list, so that it is disabled for us too.

3. You will see that there are lots of subkeys, we are going to create a new one with a number that doesn't exist, in my case 106, right click, and select New -> Key, give it the name 106

4. Click the newly created key, within that key we are going to create new DWORD's with the following names and values:
  • Flags, value 1
  • Options, value 1
  • VendorId, see below
  • DeviceId, see below
5. Whilst keeping regedit open, go to device manager (right click "My Computer", click "manage", then "device manager").

Find your video card under "Display Adapters"

double click it, and go to the "details" tab, under "property" select "Hardware ID's", it should look something like this:

We are looking for our Vendor ID and Device ID, in this case 1039 and 6351 respectively.

6. Go back to regedit and enter the vendor and device ids into the DWORDS you created earlier, it should now look something like this:

6. Restart your computer, and try Live Messenger without the corruption.

Uninstall is simple, just delete the keys you created.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

F minus one day

Well the weather has calmed down and the sun is out.

Off to work in a moment, we are preparing a special show for the hotel tomorrow....

The F(red) Factor, yes we're shamelessly ripping off Simon Cowell's show with our children's club. I will try and post some video over the weekend, but with the Rugby on Saturday I'm not going to promise...

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Fantastic Weather

Just getting ready for work when Sergio (my housemate) spotted this:

It is filmed from the entrance passageway to our house, the camera is in the direction of the hotel.

Good Morning...

Just starting my blog, mainly so we can get one started for my friend Maria.
Maria is starting a new job for a cruise line, she wants to start a blog so we can see what she's up to! I'm not sure it's such a good idea knowing what that girl is doing.

While she is going off to the Caribbean I am here in Mallorca. People think of Mallorca as being a warm and sunny place, but as I write this I can hear thunder outside and it has been raining all morning.

Sooner or later I will have to go to work, today we have a lot of televised football to organise. Today is a another round of Euro 2008 Qualifiers, that means all of the home nations are playing as well as Spain. Fortunately (because we don't have enough satellites) we don't have any Portuguese or Italian guests at the moment.
It doesn't look to good for our French guests either, we are unable to show their game - anyway they seem to have lost interest in international sport since losing the rugby on Saturday!

We have been quite lucky for watching English football here lately, tonight's Russia v England game is being shown on one of the Spanish digital channels (La Sexta).